Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to School at Love And Grace Christian Academy!

Love And Grace Christian Academy welcomes our returning students.  We are currently enrolling children from newborn through age 12. The academy proudly celebrates 17 years serving this community.  Using the A Beka program, our students thrive academically in a nurturing, fun-filled environment that is spiritually enriching. More information about the academy is available in our July blog at this link:  "Summertime Fun and Learning at Love And Grace -

Enrollment Information:  If your family needs quality childcare, elementary school, or before and after school transport and care for public school children in our area, please call to schedule a tour of the facility and meet with our director, Ms. Cleotha Griffith.  The academy's enrollment incentive program is underway now.  It takes a village to raise a child.  We appreciate your help introducing our award-winning services to families.

Invitation to a Celebration:  The entire community is invited to our Back-to-School Fundraiser on Friday, August 5, from 5 PM until 8 PM - a fish fry, barbecue, car wash, and yard sale!  Children will enjoy fun and games, playing on the playground and jumping in the Moonwalk - a purple dinosaur.  Come enjoy your evening with us and leave with a clean car, feeling content after a Southern barbecue or fish dinner.  Invite your family and friends to this summer fling.  Gently used children's clothes will be given away. Love And Grace is a non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible and appreciated.

17 Yeas of Excellence in Early Education:

Parent involvement is encouraged at Love And Grace.  PTA meetings on fourth Tuesday of each month.  August's meeting is scheduled for the 23rd from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. because of Labor Day.  Parents are welcome at any time and encouraged to participate in regularly-scheduled family/school activities. 

What I did this summer:

Summer Camp at Love And Grace was a huge success. Children are often asked to write an essay or give an oral review of their summer vacation for teachers and classmates.  Love And Grace students continued academic enrichment and enjoyed many fun, educational field trips. Our 4 to 12 year-olds did gardening, took swimming lessons, went skating and to the movies, animal shows, restaurants, and much more. Students also enjoyed arts and crafts and computer fun.  Love And Grace students shared what they enjoyed most about their summer camp experience, and a few of their favorite memories are listed below.

Sade, age 6, said her favorite field trip was to Cottle Strawberry Farms. Children picked strawberries all morning. They learned how strawberry crops grow and the importance of rich soil, clean air and water. When students returned to the academy, Mr. and Mrs. Griffith made strawberry smoothies for everyone. YUM! At the end of the day, each child took home a crate of fresh strawberries for their families.

Emanuel said his favorite summer camp activity was playing with all the toys and games that Love And Grace has.  He also likes drawing and painting.  Emanuel displays his creations on bulletin boards and windows at school. 

Jordynne, age 3, thinks her swimming lessons were tops!  One morning, Jordynne and her mom arrived after the bus had already left for swimming classes at the YMCA.  That was a major crisis for the budding aquatic star, and her mother vowed it would not happen again!  Learning water safety is important for all children.   Swimming is an exercise that many people enjoy throughout their lives.  Our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit.  Proper nutrition and physical fitness are emphasized at Love And Grace.  The school serves children delicious, balanced meals and snacks and has three well-equipped playgrounds.

Ahmad, age 5, loved Watermelon Day at Love And Grace. Sweet, ripe melons were cut for the children to enjoy at our picnic tables before spending time on the playground.  It gave another opportunity to talk about growing plants and to glorify God for abundant provisions. Cool fun!

Ms. Erin, a teacher, was pleased that our summer field trips and lesson plan focused on animal and plant biology. The children enjoyed a field trip to the Bio Bus in July, where they participated in helium experiments and touched a large millipede. They also learned more about hydrogen gas and sea animals.  Science, math, and all subjects are presented to Love And Grace students in a way that develops a lifelong love for learning.

Working in the academy's vegetable garden helps Love And Grace students understand agriculture. The children helped Mr. Griffith pick cantaloupes, zucchini, okra, tomatoes, and banana peppers. The  fresh vegetables were then stir-fried and shared with students and staff.  We always pray together before meals and snacks at Love And Grace, teaching children to honor God, from whom all blessings flow.

Elijah, 11 months, delights in playing ball with his teacher.  He throws the ball, and Ms. Teressa retrieves it repeatedly.  This social game helps babies develop expectations about familiar events and develop hand-eye coordination and agility. Children learn to grasp objects between three and seven months of age, but the whole-arm coordination that allows them to roll or throw a ball at something (or someone) usually occurs somewhere between 18 months and three years. If Elijah keeps practicing, he may become a skilled ball player like James is.  James, age 2, enjoys baseball and basketball. Love And Grace students also participate in Tae Bo exercises after devotion every morning, even little Elijah!

God blesses each child with special gifts.  The low student to teacher ratio at Love And Grace guarantees that children get individual attention. Our goal is to help children discover and develop their unique talents. Love And Grace preschoolers enjoy dressing up as firemen, police officers, business persons, and historic figures.  Skyla, age 2, displays natural management skills. She likes pretending to be the assistant teacher for her class.  An enjoyable early school environment like Skyla has helps instill a lifelong love for learning. 

Love And Grace Christian Academy proudly serves the our community's children from infancy to pre-teens. 

Love And Grace Album Photos:

Parenting Tips

1.  Parental Involvement:  Parents want their children to have a solid support system. Getting involved with your children's school unites the two most important environments children have - home and school. The National Education Association reports that parental involvement results in fewer absences, improved behavior and increased academic success.  This is true regardless of parents' income, education level or cultural background.  Love And Grace's director and teachers look forward to partnering with parents to educate and nurture our next generation. 

2.  Hygiene:  Reducing the spread of germs helps eliminate absenteeism due to illness.  Love And Grace cleans toys and surfaces throughout the day.  Children should wash their hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds (the time it takes to sing the "Happy Birthday" song twice).  We encourage children to do the elbow cough (sneeze into elbows, not hands) to reduce the spread of germs. 

3.  Healthy Habits:  Children should get proper rest, eat nutitrious meals, and develop self esteem by being prepared for classwork.  Homework assistance for after school children at Love And Grace ensures that students arrive at school evey day feeling confident. 

For your convenience, links to DeKalb County Shool System's 2011/12 calendar and DeKalb County Library are below.  May God bless your family with a safe, joyful, successful school year.

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